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Since the outset of 1967, Albert Roux has been involved in achieving and maintaining high classical culinary standards.

Up until the time when Le Gavroche was founded, only the very top rated London hotels trained apprentices and young chefs in order to train them to the very peak of the French culinary art.

As a consequence, many of today's top rated and multi-starred chefs have passed through the Roux kitchens, for example; Pierre Koffman, Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Waring and Philip Howard. There can be few countries where good French food is served that does not boast of a number of Roux trained chefs.

Many of today's top rated and multi-starred chefs have passed through the Roux kitchens.

One of the happy results of this Roux training have been the many chefs who have opened their businesses with the help of Roux and then been in the happy position to buy back their stock.

Notable among these who started as Roux joint ventures are:

The Roux Scholarship, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2013, is considered to be the ultimate British competition for chefs. Many of our past Roux Scholars have gone on to win great accolades.

A number of other forays into joint or major Roux assisted ventures have been made, both in the UK and abroad, whether restaurants, hotel or food import and export companies.

If you feel you possess what it takes to become a member of the Roux team please submit an application with your details to the email address below.

"One of my most satisfying pleasures is my contact with past members of staff, whose careers we follow with interest. It is the success of such people that confirms my belief that my method - the Roux method - is the one that works."